Wednesday, April 6, 2011

iPad 2 Case Review…



So far after using the Targus case for the iPad 2, I am really liking it more and more. Yes doesn’t protect as much as the Earth case, but I mostly use the iPad 2 at the office and at home. I like that the Targus case adds very little weight and bulk to the already slim iPad 2, making the best case for me. I do have another case to review, which I will be doing later.

Photo Apr 06, 11 15 08 AM


The power button is easy to access, and so is the volume control as well. The camera lines up perfect, as some cases I have seen or tried don’t line up. As you can see that Targus case is very well made.Targus sells this case for $39.99, but if you shop around, I am sure you can find it for a few bucks cheaper.

Photo_Apr_06,_11_26_37_AM The bottom of the case has a opening for the speaker and for the dock connector. This makes it easy to connect the iPad to sync.

Photo Apr 06, 11 19 26 AM  Here you can see the top view of the case with access to the headphone jack, and power button. The microphone is at the top also and is not covered by the case.

Photo Apr 06, 11 21 33 AM Here is a view of the case holding the iPad 2, without  hardly anything blocking the bezel of the screen. Just one big mirror. The other side which looks like to be some kind of micro fiber, is soft and shouldn’t scratch your screen. After all it is Gorilla Glass.

Photo Apr 06, 11 20 53 AMSo if your in the market, looking for a case for your iPad 2. You might want to look at the Targus case for the iPad 2. Some might like it, while it might not be for others. It all depends how much you want to protect your new iPad 2. For me, lighter is better, don’t really need that much protection, so this fits right in.

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