Sunday, March 6, 2011

HTC Flyer Tablet Inking...

I have been using the Samsung Galaxy Tab, since last November and has been my go to mobile device for on the road use. Recently I have seen, some of the post of the HTC Flyer which has a stylus to do inking or write on the screen. I can always use some sort of inking during my daily work, and this is one draw back from my Galaxy Tab. With my iPad I have several apps that do a very good job of inking on the iPad. So after seeing the HTC Flyer with a 7" screen size, and possible inking, this could be my next tablet. Chippy over at Carrypad has posted a video of the HTC Flyer, along with Sascha Pallenberg from Netbooknews.

Update: Looks like Sprint might be announcing the HTC Flyer later this month. Sure would be nice if they did.

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