Friday, June 7, 2013

Windows 8: Get a copy of Photo Booth Pro free until June 9th

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If you have been feeling a little left out, knowing that on your Mac you have Photo Booth, well now you can get that feeling back.  Head over to the Windows Store on your Windows 8 computer and search for Photo Booth Pro. You might want to do this quickly, you have till June 9th to download the application for free. I gave it a spin and I really like the simple UI.

Photo Booth Pro is just that! You can use it to take pictures of yourself with the front facing camera, or use the rear camera if your device has one to capture objects to give them interesting looks.

If you use the touch screen to use Photo Booth Pro, you can swipe up from the bottom to choose your effect. Once you pick your effect, you are now ready to take a quick snap of your picture you want to capture by just tapping on the screen. Very easy to do! You can swipe up at anytime to choose a different effect to use. If you are using a mouse, right clicking brings the menu of options just as if you would swipe up. Left clicking on your mouse will snap the photo.

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Here is a quick description of Photo Booth Pro:

Photo Booth Pro is the first application that allows you to take photos in real time with special effects, like:
     - Grayscale
     - Mirror
     - Fish Eye
     - Pinch
     - Timelaps
You will be able to have some fun with your family and friends, or take some fun pictures of yourself to send right from Photo Booth Pro. You can also use any photo as your lock screen.

I have installed Photo Booth Pro on my Surface Pro, and so far working great! Don’t forget to download Photo Booth Pro before June 9th to get it for free.

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