Thursday, September 22, 2011

I have been testing out the ThinkPad Tablet for the last couple weeks and have to say that having the ability of using a stylus on a tablet, it is great! Of course it comes with its cons, but the cons are not really related to the stylus, it is more that Lenovo hasn't really polished out Honeycomb on the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet.

Using the stylus to mark up plans or any PDF file has been a time saver. This has eliminated the process of having to scan the actual PDF document and mark it up and then rescan and then email. With the ThinkPad tablet you can just email the PDF document as soon as your done. This is also possible with other tablets, but having the N-Trig digitizer makes it much better and also has some what pressure sensitive inking.

The stylus feels good in your hand. It is about the weight of a good pen, and is comfortable inking on the ThinkPad tablet. Hopefully Lenovo release a better note taking app, as the one it has is not the greatest app. Needs some work to have more features and would be nice if it would integrate with Evernote automatically like the HTC Flyer notes app. You can still send your notes to Evernote, but you have to do this manually. The best solution, especially if Lenovo is marketing this tablet as a business tool. I will be posting some more quick videos of the ThinkPad tablet, so keep a eye out for these quick post.

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